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List of currently manufactured cartridge & cassette photography films

Films marked (SO) are Special Order, i.e. the manufacturer will only manufacture them in small batches when there are enough orders and you may have to hunt down a stockist that is preparing such an order, all other films listed are usually available from stock at the manufacturer although in some cases there may be temporary shortages between manufacturing runs. — This list is accurate but not complete as of October 2010.

Films available in APS/Advantix Format

Colour negative films:

AgfaPhoto APS Star 200 — Fujicolor Superia Nexia A200 — Fujicolor Superia Nexia 400 — Kodak Advantix APS 200 — Kodak Advantix APS 400 — Solaris FG Plus 200

Films available in 110 cassettes

Colour negative films:

Fujicolor 200? (Discontinued 2009 - Stock still in channel, mostly Japan, Oct 2010) — Solaris FG200? (Discontinued 2009 - Limited stock still in channel Oct 2010)

Black & white negative films:

Adox Pan 400 (110 production to start in 2011)

Films available in 126 Cassettes

Colour negative films:

Solaris FG200 (Discontinued 2009 - Some stock still in channel Oct 2010)

Films available in Minox cassettes

Black & white negative films:

Agfa Copex Rapid — Ilford Delta 100 — Minopan 25 — Minopan 100 — Minopan 400

Colour negative films:

Minocolor 100? — Minocolor 400?


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